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Products and Services

Our aim is to provide a top quality product using top quality materials at a competitive price. We provide a full package option in an effort to simplify the process and save you money.

You will receive:

  1. the finest materials & fittings
  2. thirty years of experience
  3. the best quality, service & value
  4. customised design & build
  5. glazing & hardware fitted
  6. short lead times, on time
  7. environmentally positive product & manufacturing
  8. the best insulation values - no condensation
  9. free prompt measure & quote
  10. a pre-finish, pre-prime option
  11. installation if required

We additionally offer a repair, remodel & refit service.

French Doors

Frames $$
We specialise in timber framed windows that can be manufactured in a style to suit. Traditional or contemporary....
French Doors $$
In a class of their own they compliment aluminium and can add a stunning or feature effect to any elevation. French doors are an extension to your furniture. Innovative weathersealing can now be fitte...
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